Accepted Papers

W. Zhen and S. Scherer,  Achieving Robust Localization in Geometrically Degenerated Tunnels.

R. Watson, N. Ohi, S. Harper, C. Kilic, C. Yang, J. Hikes, M. De Petrillo, J. Strader, G. Hedrick, H. Nichols, E. Upton, C. Kirk, K. Hendricks, D. Reynolds, J. Darr, J. Bredu, E. Langnese, Y. Gu and J. Gross, A Rover and Drone Team for Subterranean Environments: System Design Overview.

K. Snyder, E. Amoroso, F. Kitchell and A. Horchler, AstroNav: Engineering Robust Subterranean State Estimation for Lunar Exploration.

R. Gasoto, Y. Sun, J. Fu and C. Onal. Learning to Navigate in Complex Terrains with Soft Robotic Snake.

K. Katyal, K. Popek, C. Paxton, J. Moore, K. Wolfe, P. Burlina and G. Hager, Occupancy Map Prediction Using Generative and Fully Convolutional Networks for Robot Navigation.

J. Moore, Robust Post-Stall Motion Planning with Fixed-Wing UAVs.